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The Best Yoga Videos for Beginners

One thing that I love to do as a work out or even to relax from a busy day, is to do a bit of Yoga. I have noticed that Yoga has become increasingly popular over the last few years and of course Yoga instructors have taken to Youtube too. Because I live in a tiny town, there are not many Yoga classes available, and because of my busy schedule I do not always have time to go out and go to a class. This is why the internet is a perfect source for Yoga classes, I can just take a class in my room anytime I would like. I am in no way very advanced at Yoga and when I first started to look online for videos I was a bit hesitant. Will there be anything for me out there? Will it be doable without lots of experience? Eventually I came to the conclusion that the answer is YES, there are amazing yoga videos out there for Beginners! Down below I listed of my favorites. Let me know down below when you try any of these. 

Yoga with Adriene - Yoga for Complete beginners

Boho Beautiful - Best Yoga For All Levels ♥ Easy Peaceful Flow 

POPSUGAR Fitness - Yoga Workout for the Ultimate Bikini Body

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