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Ace & Tate

Ever since I started wearing glasses about 5 years ago I have been on the hunt for that perfect hipster looking pair. I wore my ray bans so religiously for the first few years that I never thought I'd wear another brand again. But of course times change and so do trends, the state of your glasses decline if you wear them every day, and it was time for something new. About two years ago now I replaced my beloved ray bans by a very similar pair at my local Specsavers. I do love these glasses too but I am ready for something new.

When I discovered Ace & Tate I was overjoyed. Their frames were exactly what I was looking for, cool and edgy but not with a big price tag. Ace & Tate skip the steps of Licence holder and retailer for their glasses by designing and manufacturing them themselves. They have various stores in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Germany, but with their system it is not even necessary to go into a store (if you know your prescription). You pick out 5 frames you love, they send them to you to try out and within a few days you can send them back (for free!) and order your new pair of glasses online. It's quick, it's easy, it's simple and I love it. My favourites are the "Hudson" and the "Saul" frames, and I have yet to decided which one to get. For you non-glasses wearers, they also do great sunglasses which are very on trend and fashionable. I can assure you, you'll love them!

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  1. I'm always having hard time to find the right glasses for myself. I'm going their glasses right away x


  2. I've been looking for a new pair of frames and these are in the exact shape that I want them to be in; they look absolutely gorgeous! I wonder if they do worldwide shipping?


    1. Thank you for your comment! They ship to various countries for more information check out their international website !