Victoria's Secret Fragrance: Noir Tease

I am just going to straight up say this: I love Victoria’s Secret. Is it actually within my budget: Hello no. However if feel as if a splurge once in a while is fine, because their clothing, underwear and fragrances are absolutely lovely. The first time I went into a VS store I was amazed, since we did not have a store in the Netherlands back then it all felt so new. I happened to love it from the moment I walked into the Victoria’s Secret in New York. Eventually I only came out with two panties and a fragrance but 16-year-old me was delighted.

Outfit Post: Bring Back Summer

Last summer I spent some time in London, the beautiful capital of England. London is a young, vibrant city with a lot of history. Of course there are some amazing sites to see such as the London Eye, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and the big ben. Not to mention the amazing museums, with my personal favorite the National Gallery. On this trip I embarked on a quest through West London. This part of the city is a lovely mix of parks, shops and the most amazing houses.