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Victoria's Secret Fragrance: Noir Tease

I am just going to straight up say this: I love Victoria’s Secret. Is it actually within my budget: Hello no. However if feel as if a splurge once in a while is fine, because their clothing, underwear and fragrances are absolutely lovely. The first time I went into a VS store I was amazed, since we did not have a store in the Netherlands back then it all felt so new. I happened to love it from the moment I walked into the Victoria’s Secret in New York. Eventually I only came out with two panties and a fragrance but 16-year-old me was delighted.

This was two years ago and my fragrance started to run out. I just so happened to be at Schiphol airport (Amsterdam) when I shuffled into the Victoria’s Secret store that now has taken a place in this fast changing airport. When I saw my beloved Sexy Little Things: Noir Tease Body spray I did not hesitate to purchase it again. It’s an ultimate summer scent – I do wear it in the winter – it’s flirty and sexy and makes you feel real feminine. It is a mix of black vanilla, frozen pear and blooming gardenia. Personally I love these individual scents – Vanilla for the win – and together they smell magnificent. It is a sweet and youthful smell that lasts all day! I own the body spray however they also sell a perfume version and a body lotion. What’s your opinion on Victoria’s Secret let me know.

 Victoria's Secret $25

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  1. You should try VS Passion Struck, it smells divine and you can get it in handbag/clutch size which I find perfect for a night out!

    Cultivation of Jasmin

    1. Thanks so much for the recommendation, I will definitely have a look!